Doggie Daycare Pricing


Thank you so much for considering Greenlin Pet Resorts for your doggie daycare or overnite stays.
First and foremost, please feel free to stop out for a tour – the best times are 11am to 3pm, 7 days a week. Take a look at the facility and the paper work you’ll be asked to sign for each visit. Please do not bring your pet along for the tour.

Our over nite rate for a basic indoor/outdoor climate controlled run is $34 for doggie campers,
family’s sharing a run, the price drops to $24 each, no extra charges for the next day with a morning pick up, by 9:30 am. These rates includes your camper getting out to play with new friends or by themselves, 5 times a day.

Your allowed to bring your own food, bedding, treats & toys. Put your campers name on everything, it’s camp and campers love to share with friends, please don’t bring anything of great value. We also ask that you bring the food in a plastic or metal container (no plastic bags), with pets name on it.

First timers should consider some doggie daycare before you drop your pet off for an extended stay. This helps acclimate your pet, and helps us to get to know your camper.

This helps your camper become more comfortable with our facility while your away. Also, we can introduce your camper to all the fun that goes on slowly, all day long. It’s an opportunity for your camper to find out that we are not the Vets office – no shots or temperatures taken here! This is where the dogs come to play and they get to experience you picking them up.

Doggie daycare:

This can be a half day or full day, but these campers must be picked up by 6pm, unless other arrangements have been made. We try to work with all the different work schedules. We have different programs for all the different personalities. High energy campers go in one direction while older more relaxed or smaller campers go in another. At the end of the day, everyone’s happy, especially the moms and dads at pick up time!

  • Full day of daycare $19
  • Half day of daycare $14
  • Full day 2 dogs same family daycare – $26
  • Half day 2 dogs same family with a park/pool pass – $22
  • Pool/Park pass, add $3 per dog for daycare

Doggie Daycare Special: Pre-pay 15 days & you get 4 additional days free!


Over nite climate controlled room rate is $17.
Multi-Cat over nite, same cage $12/night per cat

Our Over nite Enrichment Extras available:

$6 Park pool pass: This gets your camper out for 45 minutes of extra time in a 1 acre park area that has a 15′ x 30′ swimming pool with stairs at both ends for easy in and outs. The campers that like to swim do so, and the ones that don’t wait for a chance to chase the wet ones around after they cool off. At the end of the session, everyone’s exhausted, and every once in a while, the swimmers do push the non swimmers in.
Over nite guest Park/Pool Pass $6

$3 Living room pass: gets your camper into a more relaxed area through out the day, where we have couch’s, chairs and TV’s that are always tuned onto Animal Planet.

$3 Kody Cup Ice cream treats.

Go home baths, ears & nails, price based on size.

$.75 a pill.
$4 for insulin shots.
If your pet chews or eats bedding, please let us know so that we may take proper precautions.
During Weekends and Summer time, our phones ring non-stop, if you call and don’t get us or a recorder, that means we’re on the phone with another customer. Always feel free to to email reservations, especially if you’re a return customer who’s information is already on file. Just give us the pet’s name, drop-off day and pick up day, along with AM or PM arrival times and Middletown or Mechanicsburg.

Shots are required to have been given at a minimum of 7 days prior to the visit. We also require that pets have not been treated or seen for any reason at a Vets office 7 days prior to visiting. We have to always be on guard of a pet accidentally picking up an unwanted bug while on a routine visit to the Vets office.


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